Vehicle Storage

Our primary emphasis has always been placed first towards security, which is why we selected a warehouse within a tightly controlled secure business park. The fewer prying eyes, the better – so by having our warehouse in the Southern Suburbs within a security estate, we reduce passing onlookers substantially. The park itself has strict access gate control combined with 24hr security guards plus great measures have gone towards border security with high barbed wire fences along with multiple video cameras.

We too have ensured our building is secure with a full camera system monitoring our premises both inside and out, a 24hr armed guard service linked to our alarm and then the building has been secured from possible entry threats. To some this may all sound a bit too much…but in keeping our clients collectible prized possessions safe, we believe it’s totally necessary to ensure precautions are taken.

All vehicles are stored inside our building, under covers where we conduct regular battery maintenance to help prevent battery failure. The cars and bikes are rotated to prevent flat spots on the tires…along with tire pressure being maintained. Vehicles are started weekly and run for a few minutes to keep the engines and all the oils lubricated. Every so often, we drive the vehicles within the park to keep the sum of parts moving. Car washes, valet’s, steam cleans, polishes, detailing and servicing can also be arranged. Access to our building is during weekday work hours, however after hours can be arranged too. Insurance can also be arranged if you don’t have your own.

Contact our team to enquire for further information and rates.