About Us

Welcome to Freight Factory South Africa…. a company born from the passion for all things motor related within the shipping industry.

Our experienced team is what makes our company cook with gas day in, day out. Petrol Heads to the core, we simply live for what we do and it’s this passion that shines through in our service. We go the extra mile for our customers and as such, have a fantastic array of trade-based clients within multiple sectors of the motor and shipping industry. Loyalty and honesty are buried deep within our core values and we believe that this is what makes us stand out and above the rest.

Freight Factory is always seeking innovative ways to push the limits of what’s possible and as such, we have our own in-house slogan: “Why think outside the box, when you can throw the box away”. We don’t like to take no for an answer and so we are relentless in making sure our shipments are always seen through to the end with happy smiles all around with our “Make a plan” mentality.

Please feel free to ring us up for a chat about your vehicle, your shipment or pop in for some damn good coffee, check out our facilities and meet the dream team.