Shipping to the United Kingdom

Shipping to the United Kingdom? Our South African culture has been so immersed with Britain’s ways for centuries now, that’s it’s so common for us to have dual citizenship and basically live like swallows in either country as we chase the summer vibes.

Shipping to the UK is a well-established route for Freight Factory. can ship their cars, bikes, boats, ski’s, quads and just about any cargo needing to be relocated either for personal moves or commercial from door to door. Our general port of entry is London-Gateway where we offer shared containers / LCL / groupage out of Cape Town. We also go into the other popular ports such as Felixstowe, Southampton, Liverpool and further north into Belfast and Dublin. It’s important to speak to our team prior to making arrangements so we can make the right port choice, depending on the type of cargo you want to ship into the UK.

Here at Freight Factory, we work with many of the South African car dealers who are selling to the trade in the UK…paperwork in these cases is key to successful moves where the right tariffs are adhered to upon entry. ITAC Export Permits for vehicles need careful handling so that we can apply for the correct NOVA documents for import into the UK and subsequent registration with the DVLA for the MOT.  Our experience team is on hand to take care of all your export process, from local relocation to assisting with Exporters Codes applications, Request for Police Clearance, Police Clearance, Datadot (inhouse) and ITAC Export Permits.  SA Customs are continuously changing the rules or enforcing them – make sure you are well informed of the latest updates and requirements.  Consult with those in the know as online information can be outdated.

Speak to a Freight Factory representative for a smooth export.