Shipping cargo to the USA

Shipping cargo to the USA – It’s no wonder we ship to and from America as it’s the second largest car market in the world. South Africans absolutely adore the muscle cars made in the US of A and as such, we have been importing these beasts since they first roared to life on the wide open roads.

Freight Factory is a specialist in importing all manner of vehicles and we do love a good American muscle car freighted into SA. Our team is dedicated to informing you of the entire process and costings from the onset, enabling you to purchase your dream classic or even modern car on American soil and then bring it back so it can roar just as loudly on our local shores. Its super important to make sure all your paperwork is handled carefully and that due diligence is carried out so that no unforeseen complications upon the import of your muscle car.  We are able to offer you a door to door service with importing your vehicle into South Africa once you have completed your purchase.

Our Freight Factory petrolhead team extends further than just our offices – our US agents are all vehicle shipping specialists in America. Through our experience, we have built up a tight network who are aligned to our needs when it comes to our high level of accepted quality we pride ourselves on….we all ensure your ride is taken care of as if one of our own. Speak to us before you make your purchase so we start on the right foot straight away. Know what the restrictions are when buying a LHD Import into SA – what you can and can’t do. Let us take care of your ITAC Import Permit, LOA, Customs duties and taxes so that this process remains a memorable timeline in acquiring your USA Import.

Shipping from the USA to South Africa can be a costly exercise, however we offer consolidated shipments where we can pair multiple clients originating from close by states. Relocation, warehousing and paperwork is all taken care of whilst the shipment comes together so clients can essentially split the shipping costs with our USA LCL Cargo shipping services. USA Car Export, parts export and commercial cargo mostly within the motor industry is all part of our service to help you bring your goods home. Ports such as Charleston, Jacksonville, Miami, New Wark (New York), Port of San Francisco, LA and Tacoma are all regular ports where ship out of.

Besides South Africans immigrating to the States in search of their brighter (and bigger) future where we ship their household goods, personal items and effects, we can offer you the whole service from packing your entire home ready for shipping in full containers to sending only a few boxes of sentimental items. Freight Factory also ship all sorts of machinery for South Africans and Americans importing vehicles from RSA.

This includes everything from vintage exports to the US, classic cars shipped into the USA, SA bikes to the states, military vehicles imported into America, parts ex SA, commercial cargo such as vehicle accessories and fabrications to brand new kit cars and recreation cars from South Africa to the US. Know the restrictions: EPA, DOT, goods value, classic vehicles older than 25yrs, engine / gearbox combinations, certificate of conformity and so on…

The Freight Factory team is on-hand to guide you through this process from start to finish with your USA SA Car Shipping.

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