Shipping Cargo to New Zealand

Shipping to New Zealand? The lovely Kiwi’s have so much to offer in New Zealand that suits South Africans immigrating. Unreal nature, views for days and a similar sized economy attracts the Saffa’s to the other side of the world.

Here at Freight Factory we ship household and personal effects for these South Africans so that they can ship their cars, bikes, boats, jet ski’s, quads, caravans / motor homes and just about any cargo they want relocated to NZ. Paperwork and packing are key to successful moves, all of which we are well experienced in. Our team is on hand to guide you through the process from step 1 so your personal belongings arrive safely and on time from door to door in New Zealand.

Critical to NZ Imports are the rules, regulations and import duties attracted on specific cargo…speak to current Forwarding and Handling agents who are in the know with experience. We make use of various renowned clearing Agents within New Zealand to clear, discharge and unpack our cargo. These are chosen based on location of port and type of cargo. This is critical to the success of our NZ exports from SA, especially when it comes to delicate household goods and specialised vehicles shipped.

If you are planning on purchasing a vehicle from RSA, our suggestion is to get in touch prior to concluding a purchase with a seller as there are many complications that can arise from foreigners not knowing the ins and outs of the traffic register papers, buy and sell agreements, condition reports on the vehicle and so the list goes on. We have you covered on this side too.

New Zealand being a popular touring destination for Campers, Motorhomes and Overlander’s means we are also experienced in shipping these types of the vehicles into the country on Carnet de Passages for temporary export / import.

We ship containers with cars and cargo into Auckland with a groupage structure. Our regular trade in this direction allows our clients to benefit from LCL Shipping which is essentially shared containers or groupage so as to spread the costs across more than one client making the shipping costs more attractive. All other ports such as Tarragona, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch are serviced too. Speak to us about your cargo so we can ascertain the best shipping method and or route for you.

Speak to us about your cargo so we can ascertain the best shipping method and or route for you.