Shipping Cargo to Europe

Europeans have been flocking to our beautiful land for centuries already…they have immersed themselves in our culture and enjoyed the diverse lifestyle South Africa has to offer.

Shipping to Europe is a well-established regular route for Freight Factory. We have been shipping all sorts of cargo into various European countries with the more popular being Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Austria , Belgium and Portugal. Cars, motorcycles, skiboats, trikes, engines and household goods for personal moves….it’s all within our scope. Our consolidated containers focus on either the Port of Rotterdam / Antwerp or Hamburg Germany. These shared containers / LCL / groupage generally ship out of Cape Town. Speak to our team prior to making arrangements so we can make the decision on which port to ship into, for example, Germany based destinations don’t necessarily mean that we must ship into Hamburg or Bremerhaven.

Here at Freight Factory, we focus on documentation that is the absolute key to a successful move…and it’s not just the paperwork for export, we make sure the import paperwork at destination is done correctly too so that we can truly offer a door to door shipping service into Europe. Our experience team is on hand to take care of all your export process inhouse where ourselves carry out the local relocation to assisting with Exporters Codes applications, Request for Police Clearance, Police Clearance, Datadot (inhouse) and ITAC Export Permits.  SA Customs are continuously changing the rules or enforcing them – make sure you are well informed of the latest updates and requirements….vehicles are not just cargo measuring a certain cubic meters, it’s an intricate admin process that we have dialled. Consult with those in the know as online information can be outdated.

Speak to a Freight Factory representative for a smooth export.