Shipping Cargo to Australia

Shipping to Australia? South Africans have been flocking to Australia for decades now…it is without doubt the closest to what our country offers from all aspects, except that they don’t have the Springboks!

At Freight Factory, we ship household and personal effects for these South Africans so that they can ship their cars, bikes, boats, jet ski’s, quads and just about any cargo they want relocated. Paperwork and packing are key to successful moves – all of which we are well experienced in. Our team is on hand to guide you through the process from step 1 so your personal belongings arrive safely and on time, from door to door.

The South African market shares many similarities with the Aussie car market and as such, we have shipped many vehicles to Australia. The first question these days is: “what about the asbestos issue”? Don’t worry, we have you covered there too as we are have the whole process dialled from testing to results, to the associated paperwork that is needed for the Australian customs.

If you are planning on purchasing a vehicle from RSA, our suggestion is to get in touch prior to concluding a purchase with a seller as there are many complications that can arise from foreigners not knowing the ins and outs of the traffic register papers, buy and sell agreements, condition reports on the vehicle and so the list goes on. We have you covered on this side too. Importing vehicles from SA to Australia can be complicated, so make sure you have an experienced up-to-date shipping agent…declarations of vehicle value; GST and duty attracted based on vehicle’s age and reason for move; personal import permits; AQIS Inspections;  ITAC Export permits; customs clearance upon importation, all play key roles towards a successful AUS import. Be wary of specifics you read online, since these rulings change all the time and only clearing agents in the know, clearing household goods and cars on a regular basis will know the proper ins and outs. We send containers with cars and cargo into most of the bigger ports such as Sydney, Brisbane, Freemantle at Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. Our regular trade in this direction allows our clients to benefit from LCL Shipping which is essentially shared containers or groupage so as to spread the costs across more than one client, making the shipping costs more attractive.

Speak to us about your cargo so we can ascertain the best shipping method and or route for you.